The Best Summer Camp for GIRLS in Culver City!

EMPOWERMENT Training Ground For Girls


"Parents like you, LOVE this Girls Sports Summer Camp!"

Until you spend time at an ALL-GIRLS Camp, it's hard to fully appreciate the environment of encouragement & inspiration that it creates. Students report feeling more free to speak and express themselves, which leads to a stronger development of a LOVE of LEARNING. 

Your daughter is going to have a blast making new friends, experiencing a variety of fun & empowering indoor and outdoor sports, learning/educational activities, in a structured and respectful all-girls environment. 


“SHIELD Girls Sports Summer Camp is your solution for an incredible summer!”

This Summer Camp is sponsored and hosted by SHIELD Women's Self Defense System®. SHIELD training has been featured across the world on BBC World News, Good Morning America, E!  Entertainment, Hallmark Channel, BuzzFeed, France24, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, Telemundo, Univision, and more. 

SHIELD training has been taught for LA County Office for Women's Health, Girl Scout Troops, Kaiser Permanente, Santa Monica Police, Fox Studios, UCLA, USC, LA Co Dept of Public Health, and various all girls schools, companies, and government entitites.  Find out why we are the BEST!


"My daughter is active and loves to have FUN! What is included in this Summer Camp?"

Your affordable membership in the summer camp includes an incredible amount of activities at no extra cost! 

EMPOWERING program for girls with structured daily exercises designed to educate young girls on boundary setting, age appropriate self-defense, fun aspects of martial arts, dance, team sports, fun games, educational activities, arts & crafts, and so much more. There is ZERO tolerance on bullying!

We also have optional field trips! Check out the incredible list below! Hurry! Spots are going quickly, contact us right now to save your child’s spot

We Are The BEST!

Training Ground For Girls


  • SHIELD Women's Self Defense Classes!  - This fun age-appropriate self defense class will teach your daughter on how to have confidence and how to be safe around bullies and strangers! Your daughter will learn how to do: Punching, Kicking, Blocking, Takedowns, and Grappling in a safe and fun environment with her peers! It’s awesome!
  • SHIELD Agility Training!  -  The games we do are fun exercises that are designed to increase your daughter's the ability to move and change direction and position of the body quickly and effectively while under control. It increases quick reflexes, coordination, balance, speed, and  correct response to the changing situation.
  • Dance Classes!  -  This action packed hip-hop class is a blast! Girls enjoy learning fun new dances, “cool dance moves,” and routines! In our camp, learning to dance is about learning to control one's body's movements and moving with one's core. With upbeat music playing, they will be improving coordination and core strength while having a blast!  
  • Kickball!   – Remember how much fun you had playing this game when you were a kid?  Your daughter is going to have a great time playing this classic  playground sport! In playing this game, our camp focuses on improving coordination with your legs and balance.  
  • And More Fun Indoor & Outdoor Sports Activities! 

Structured Program to improve Motor Skills


The FUN activities we do are designed to improve your daughter's Motor Skills. The Camp is a facilitated development of a methodological programs. We have given a complete priority to develop a set of skills in this camp: 

  • Balance!  -  Balance is defines as the correct body placement within a space or determined movement. 
  • Coordination!  -  Coordination is the physical ability that allows a person to perform orderly movements that are aimed toward executing a specific technical action. 
  • Speed!  -  Speed is the basic physical ability to perform gestures in the shortest amount possible. 
  • Strength!  -  Strength is defined as the subject’s physical ability to lift, support or defeat a weight of mass by muscle action. 
  • Agility!  -  Agility is the ability to react rapidly with adequate movement to changing situations. 
  • Spatial Perception!  -  We define Spatial Perception as the knowledge of the environment and its surroundings. It involves the subject’s awareness of their situation and possible situations in their surrounding space. 
  • Body Perception!  -  Body perception is a cognitive structure that provides the human body recognition in any situation and the information needed to establish relations with the environment, including self awareness, and its position in space.  

Give us 10 weeks to train your daughter in her motor skills development. You will be amazed at what can be improved in one Summer session. 

Educational & Fun Activities


  • Vocal Power! - Teaching girls to speak with clarity and conviction. Saying 'yes' and 'no' with clarity build confidence. We also practice on using the voice as a weapon when needed. Your daughter will feel empowered to speak clearly with conviction.
  • Arts and Crafts! – Daily projects that will inspire creativity in martial arts, self defense and life in general!
  • Fun Ninja Games! – Daily fun games to foster team work, healthy competition, and inspire critical thinking. 
  • And So Much More!

While we coach them to play fun games, we pay attention to improving their balance, increase coordination, agility, speed, and strength. They will improve their spatial awareness and body awareness while having fun! 

Parents just like you LOVE our FUN Summer Camp!

What does my child need to bring to summer camp each day?


We suggest that you pack two snacks and a bagged lunch each day for your daughter. Your daughter will also want to bring summer camp appropriate clothing such as: T-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes.

We have 3 restaurants in the complex: Quizno's, Japanese food, and Chinese food. 

Who works in your summer camps?


We hire only the BEST in the industry female coaches to work at SHIELD Girls Sports Summer Camp! All of our summer camp and after school program coaches must pass an extensive reference check, and they also must pass the SHIELD Coaches Academy where we train them how to successfully host summer camp activities! Many of our coaches are certified teachers, former pro athletes, and highly  experienced summer camp professionals! 

“We are the BEST!”

Why do we serve GIRLS only?


Left to their own devices in a single sex environment, girls are often more likely to take on challenging subjects such as math and science, and engage wholeheartedly in sports - all things girls aren't supposed to like. 

Girls will ignore gender stereotypes and develop their competitive side more fully in a single-sex camp setting. There are no boys to impress, no boys to compete for between other girls. They don't have to worry about being called tomboys. Their peers understand what's happening. Everybody feels comfortable being themselves. This lays the foundation for your daughter to excel to her potential! 

What ages do you accept in summer camp and what are the Camp Dates?


We only accept girls ages 6 thru 17 years old. There is zero tolerance on bullying. 

Monday to Thursday

10am to 4pm

Extended Hours: 7:30am to 6pm

Our Camp Dates: 6/17 to 8/15

Week 1: June 17 - 20

Week 2: June 24 - 27

Week 3: July 1 - 5

Week 4: July 8 - 11

Week 5: July 15 - 18

Week 6: July 22 - 25

Week 7: July 29 - Aug 1

Week 8: Aug 5 - 8

Week 9: Aug 12 - 15

What are the BENEFITS of attending this Awesome Camp?



- Improved Behavior 

- Increased Focus 

- Increased Discipline

- Boost Confidence Level

- Improved Balance 

- Improved Coordination

- Improved Spatial and Body Awareness

- Become Physically Stronger

Give Your Daughter The BEST Summer Ever!

When young girls start training at a young age, the motor skill development is so much easier to embody. And there's a deeper connection to one's body movements and functions when the skill is implanted early on. The root is strong! 

This Summer Camp sounds perfect for my daughter! How do we join? It's easy!


It's easy to join our Camp! Pay a registration fee of $50 and select one of the two affordable memberships that will fit your budget! Most parents enroll their  daughter for the entire summer at a discounted rate.

We also offer a flexible week-to-week summer camp membership that is perfect for families who only need a few weeks of camp this summer! 

Click on the link below for pricing and registration. 

This Camp Will Fill Out Quickly!

Space is limited. Reserve your daughter's spot in the camp early. Click on the link below for Pricing and Registration. You can reach us at 310.854.9239

Pricing & Registration